Managing Teams


Team Profile

Change the name and the color of the team under 'Team Profile' settings.


Team Members

This is where you can see all the members you have added to the team as well as their role in the team as well as remove them.

To “Remove” an agent, click and HOLD on the “Remove” button.

Invite Members

Invite Members is where you can add more members to the team and choose a role for them.

There are two ways of adding a new member to the team:

  1. Use the "Connect" option behind the person's name to add them to Qualitista, so you could review their tickets, but don't want them to access Qualitista on their own. This is a great option if you're still testing out the tool and putting processes in place internally. You can always add them later with a specific role if needed.
  2. Select a "role" for the members and click on invite. This sends out an invitation to join Qualitista to the chosen member and they will be able to access Qualitista and see or give feedback depending on the role selected.


External Reviewers

External reviewers tab is where you can add members outside your help desk into Qualitista using just their email address.



Whereas you can attach your help desk to Qualitista under the 'Company' settings, you can choose and attach a specific token also on the team level.

Example: You are using both Zendesk and Intercom in your support team. You connect both tools to Qualitista under "Company" settings. You can create one team for reviewing Intercom conversations and another team for reviewing Zendesk tickets. So you can attach the Intercom token to one of the teams and Zendesk token to the other team under the "Team Settings".


Rating Categories

You can add as many or as few rating categories as you’d like (We generally recommend 3-7 to get started with).

Feel free to adjust the weighting of the different categories or mark them as ‘Critial’ for automatic failure categories.

You can both delete and make rating categories "inactive", by moving them below the grey line on the rating categories screen.

See more tips for using 'Rating Categories' here.


Danger Zone

This is where you can delete the team (together with users and rating categories).

PS! These actions are irreversible.

Managing Filters

Once the teams have been set up, check out how the filters work and create your first ones. See a step by step guide on how to do it here.

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