Managing Company settings

When logging into Qualitista you’ll first arrive at the ‘Review tickets’ page

Company Settings

As an admin/ account manager/ team manager you’ll have access to managing the “Team settings”.

That’s where you can add and manage teams.

See more on managing Teams here.


Under “Company”  you can set the name for the company, choose the starting day for the week and set your timezone. This is important, as we will buffer the tickets according to the time zone you have chosen (at midnight).



Under "Connections" you will be able to see the help desk accounts that are linked to Qualitista as well as the last time we synced the tickets.

You can manually trigger a refresh by clicking on the green 'refresh' button.

You can also add additional help desk connections to Qualitista right here.


As an admin, you can manage the payment options for Qualitista.


Danger zone

This is where you can delete your account including teams, users and tickets.

PS! These actions are irreversible.

Team settings

As the next step, set up your team(s). See a step-by-step guide for this here.

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